Core Competencies

Project Management

Safety is at the heart of every project.

The job site is an ever-changing environment that can pose an array of challenges. Addressing those challenges in a safe manner at the forefront is always a top priority. Merit believes that integrating safety as the heart of all operations will only help to ensure the timely delivery and quality of a project from start to finish. The commitment of all employees to establish a culture with a safety focus is essential to effectively and routinely exhibit a company that stands by their core principles of trust and devotion to a project’s success.

Safety is not only owned by our company beliefs but also by those we choose to work with. We are proud to work with those who share the same goals and those who strive to be better. While we continue to grow, so will our policies and goals to ensure everyone grows with us and goes home safe at the end of the day.


Always offering new ways for our team to receive the most current and impactful training to complement and bolster their skills, training serves as the building block to maintaining our team’s diverse expertise. 


Our safety program is a living breathing document that is open to the team for review and suggestions. Our employee involvement and trust is very important to the culture of our company.


Merit is continuing to make great strides to exemplify our commitment to safety. We do so through association and industry recognition of our safety program and practices. We are proud to exhibit STEP Gold Level recognition through the Associated Builders and Contractors standards.

Maintaining attention to detail.

While the construction industry continues to gradually change to meet the needs of consumers and the regulatory requirements of governing agencies we want to continue to hone in on product design and performance. We accomplish this by working with a range of manufacturers and products that will work with every budget and application in the field. We take pride in building relationships with clients and manufacturers across all capabilities. From the very beginning of a project, our team of experts lead making solution based decisions on all aspects of each project including:


Trust us to bring all the right people table, work with your budget, ensure design objectives and meet schedule goals. 

Design assist

Involving us early in the design process can improve the cost, value and efficiency of a project.


Our experienced estimators know how critical forecasting expenses can be and will always take as many factors as necessary into account, including market conditions.

Value Engineering

Relying on skilled expertise to recommend changes that cut costs while sustaining or enhancing quality, functional performance and value.

Make a play, knowing it will be a complete pass.

Similar to a football game, our team looks to our Project Manager to be the Quarterback and call the plays that will lead us to a victory. Establishing weekly meetings or huddles with Foreman to ensure open lines of communication are being practiced and any challenges are being addressed as early as possible are key to ensuring the success of each project. 

Effective Management

Who, what, where and how? All aspects of the job scope are proactively addressed to ensure efficiency and accuracy throughout each phase of the process. 

Measure twice, Cut once

Maintaining a schedule can be stressful but with Merit, proactive planning is instilled at the start. 

Saving You Time and Money

On time and within budget. Merit takes the necessary steps to ensure the whole process is as smooth and cost effective as possible to not only meet but exceed expectations. 

Quality that doesn’t cut corners.

Experience and quality can be hard to come by but when you work with us, you are in good hands. Let us be your one stop shop. We can fabricate, transport and install a number of products and our installers have the know-how to exceed expectations. Our installers are highly-skilled, problem-solvers, and collaborative.


Our experienced installation crews are trained in installation of glass, windows, doors, storefronts, curtain walls, and metal panels.  We have specialists that are experts in doors and door hardware, fabrication, and dedicated caulking crews to ensure the job is done right the first time.


Customer service is not always prevalent in the construction industry.  We pride ourselves on being team players and customer-oriented in the field and in the office. 


A project’s success is dependent on working together with the General Contractor and other trades working around us.  Merit’s Superintendents and Foremen are on-site at all times to lead and coordinate activities during installation.  We go the extra mile to help complete the project on time and under budget.

All about Logistics? So are we!

Experience and quality can be hard to come by but when you work with us, you are in good hands. Let us be your one stop shop. We can fabricate, transport and install a number of products and our installers have the know-how to exceed expectations. Our installers are highly-skilled, problem-solvers, and collaborative 

Material Management

If needed, we strategically work with our suppliers from the start to ship products and bundled parts and pieces directly to the jobsite. Our logistics team checks every delivery ticket to ensure shipments are complete and free of defects. These shipments are organized with the project team to ensure deadlines are met and installation is not interrupted.

Warehouse capabilities

Having a 9,000 sqft warehouse attached to our headquarters is a luxury most of our competitors envy. The ability to store product, equipment, tools, as well as assemble in-house provides a huge advantage to cut cost and save time.


Equipped with our own fleet of company vehicles to assist with project deliveries, we pride ourselves in being resourceful and efficient to guarantee client satisfaction and peace of mind. 

A job done right.

Minimizing rework, punch-out, and call backs is our goal.  Our QA program is a customer-centric approach ensuring our execution is first class every time.  Our quality experts inspect our work down to the smallest detail to provide the finished look and performance of the highest standard.

Air and Water Tight

Merit owns field water fenestration testing equipment to ensure our systems are performing up to specified air and water penetration standards.  Independent of contract requirements, we regularly test our installations in the field to prevent any oversight in the waterproofing design or throughout the material handling process.

Quality Control

Our project teams plan and coordinate installation methods, activities, materials, and equipment requirements before stepping foot on the job site. Once on site, our installation crews employ the latest software on their iPads to track every step in the installation process.  We perform daily walks and our quality experts provide ongoing feedback to the team so everyone is in sync to keep the project on track

LEED & Energy Star

Our team has supported numerous LEED & Energy Star certified projects. We will work with you to meet your goals.